Stoned rant

Kinda stoned here, and in a weird mood… Dunno why tho, and really don’t know why I’m updating this exhibitionistic outlet of my shallow thoughts anyway.

Lots and lots of thoughts are crossing my mind… It’s like I can’t get control over them sometimes. A multitude of thoughts is fighting their way out, and in trying to do so, they get smudged and blurry and sometimes completely dadaïstic. My own thoughts do surprise me sometimes. I know where they do originate, and if I try, I can retrace them and restore them to the original thought they were. Most of the time, when Jeckyll is in control, my thoughts behave like German army troups at a parade. Problem is, that when Hyde takes control, she doesn’t care about getting them all in line. So my thoughts act like the winds released by Aeolus in Vergilius’ Aeneid, and just rush forward, not taking into account any of the consequences they might cause. I must admit this leaves me puzzled, usually. Really depends who is with me.

In an odd way, Bart makes Jeckyll take control again. Faust, however, manages to encourage Hyde to bridle those thoughts, and tho they’re pretty insane sometimes, my thoughts usually make sense. But when left on my own, and I’m stoned, I find it hard to control my thoughts. I can’t even think in complete sentences then.

LOL probably not making much sense here. I think I would have to explain this train of thoughts in person to make any sense at all :-). Whatever 🙂

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