Hmmm… Let’s start with school. I still really don’t like this school, no matter how much credit I gave it. The students are okay, but I don’t like first grade too much to teach. I miss my seniors…
Some colleagues are nice, some are definitely cool to see again, but most are just… Boring, dull, annoying, irritating. Some people won’t even say hi to me, guess I’m just too weird for them, they definitely feel WAY better than me. The average conversation is Pamper level. It’s like these people just don’t have a brain. Sigh…
The building itself is too small, and has this really dead look over it. All is somber, hardly any natural light, despite all the trees outside. I just don’t feel at home there.
And worst part: it will prolly be the school for the rest of my life. Heard this week that I lost my old school for good. I don’t stand a chance to get appointed there again. Damn. Nearly lost this job too, but the principal is willing to go to some lenght to keep me there. He knows I’m good. God I hate this situation.

Anyway, luckily I still have my friends to keep me feeling alive. Wednesday grimlach came round for breakfast, so we had coffee, pastries, and then started to saw some planks that I really needed to get out of the way. Thx again, Nihil, for helping me out !
At night my parents and younger bro with his gf were over for mussels. It was my dad’s birthday, so my mom let him believe that we would go out for dinner somewhere else. He never suspected anything, even when they came at my house. He thought they were just picking me and Bart up. Even the aperitif didn’t raise his suspicion. Then he wanted to show me sth on the computer, so he passed the set table. His face was glorious ! He hugged me a couple of times, and told him how glad he was dinner was at my place. Was the best birthday since a really long time, he said.
The evening was quite allright indeed. The mussels were superb, everyone said, especially the ones in cream. Fun was had by all, also a heavy stomach :-pp

Thursday nothing much happened during the day. In the evening there was Nephilim roleplay, nice session. We finally got somewhere, and we’re all getting better as we’re gaining levels. Good thing.

Friday was cool. Did some nice teaching, came home cos there was a guy doing the maintenance for the floor heating. Needed to leave again for a staff meeting at school, then reception. Nothing special, had some nice talks. Drove on to Faust’s place. Had a really good time there, several fits of laughter, and that was before we had smoked even the slightest bit of weed. The weed didn’t really make things better, when it came to laughter and fun. A great night, indeed. These are the moments making life worth while. Was home round 11.30 tho, in a weird mood… Chatted a bit with Les, fell asleep in Bart’s arms.

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