Man I feel lousy !! Hardly slept last night, tossed and turned all night long, and so did Bart. We didn’t eat anything wierd tho, wasn’t our stomach. Grmblll. Bet I look horrible too now. AND it’s still raining outside. My first days of holiday and I’m bored already. So many things to do outside, eg. the sales which I wanted to go to. I just can’t park the car in the city these days, and it’s raining too hard for a bus, cos I HATE damp buses with wet people on it. Grmbl.
Faust ICQd me yesterday afternoon, while I was doing the invoices for our company, and he wanted me to come over for coffee, after he had done some chores in the city. ‘Fine’, I said, ‘lemme know when you’re back, ok ‘? I called him in the evening to ask why he didn’t notify me. ‘Oh’, he said, ‘I thought you’d be coming anyway, I was expecting you.’ Hmm. How was I to know when he was back home ? Moron. Prolly not gonna see him this week now šŸ™

Gonna go to a ‘party’ this afternoon: a friend/colleague of mine asked some other colleagues for a drink in her new house, we planned on sitting in the garden. It’s cold and soaking tho, we’ll be sitting all inside having hot cocoa and coffee, I suppose, instead of cool long drinks.

Man I hate it when summer starts like this !

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