Heh, I got a brand new dryer last night from my in-laws as a present. Never had a laundry dryer before, and as it’s freezing solid for a couple of days now, it comes in handy. Well… Untill last night I tried to get both the laundry machine and the dryer on the same socket of the electricity network. Guess I already blew the fuses in both the machines, great ! Why sometimes am I such an unthinking dork ? I should have known !

Heh, and still trying to fix this computer, since on january 2 I got a very nasty virus that killed off my Windows, and I had to reformat my Cdrive. I can’t see any data lost so far, but I need to reinstall every bloody program, and that sure takes a while, from Windows, to Office, to Winamp, to Acrobat, to printers… Grrr !!! Man , I hate this ! And I lost all my ICQ contacts, my complete addressbook… Blah !

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