Man, I’m cranky lately… Probably has to do with upcoming period, I’m pretty hormone sensitive. But today I really had reason to be cranky ! Such a bunch of incompetent idiots ! I don’t mind that people don’t know much about computers, or about graphix and that kinda stuff, as long as they just admit it. I’m always the first one to help colleagues out when they’re stuck. But… I’m making the new schoolpaper now, and the first issue was made by the boss and the secretary. Still wonder how they managed, no wonder the lay out was lousy ! I was taking over, and that was that. Since they didn’t bother to give me any information, I made it in WP (yep, graphically still superior to the MS shit), A5, hard copy. I had to beg for the drawing on the front page. ‘NP’ the secretary said, ‘I’ll mail it to you’. Me happy, untill I saw she sent me a Corel Draw preview. Hmm. Next day, I tell her that’s pretty worthless, so… ‘Np’, she says, ‘I’ll send it again’. I get a happy mail, telling me she sent a Word file this time. ‘For a jpg?’ I think. Oh well, I can rip it. Uh huh. She has sent me a word object from the entire front page, utterly bad quality, and useless again. Oh well… By now, as I hand in the papers, they tell me they want it digitally. oh ? Err, ok, I’ll put it on CDrom and hand it in. Next day: sorry, no can do, we can’t use the WP file. Oh ? ‘BTW, that frontpage still doesn’t look good’. Hell yeah, I know ! ‘Mind giving me THE BLOODY JPG I’VE BEEN ASKING FOR ? Instead of sth else ? I’ll try and save it in the computer room as PDF then.’ Well, to cut it short, she has given me three different disks with everything BUT a jpg, bmp or png on it, so my colleague finally went down and took the jpg himself. Bloody morons ! Turns out the computer I’ve made the changes on, is blocked with a password by one of our students, so no network. CRAP !
Ok, this patient soul resolves to take everything home again, and rewrite the whole document on disk as PDF. Ok. Everything solved ? NAh ! ‘Sorry, but we can’t use the PDF format on A5. It should be A4 and portrait. Oh, and can you please email it to us then, cos we’re running out of time’. Grrr !!! Ok, another two hours spent reformatting the whole thing. Heh, mail, and gone. GONE ??? No way ! ‘Mailbox storage exceeded’ The morons didn’t have an email account large enough ! Grrr !!! I tried to cut the document in half, no use. Heh, finally uploaded it on my server, and gave them the addy where they could find the bloody PDF digital A4 format. BLAH !

And then Bart and Les were wondering why I was pissed ! Instead of just telling me what they could and could not handle ???? I really hate incompetent people !

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