Dead tired now, still sticky and dirty and looking horrible, but…

I had a great weekend ! Yes, the tribe is still alive, all 10 barbarians survived. We had to do a lot of big shaman and spiritstuff, I nearly got killed a couple of times, and I performed a great ritual of initiation for two small barbarians. They found their totem, and the spirits did accept.

Yep yep. A very good weekend has been had 🙂



A couple of days ago, I bought this second-hand swing from a couple living a village away. It’s only two months old, but their young son had fallen off, and didn’t dare climb up it again. It’s wooden, with this duo swing in iron and a big slide.

We just went to pick it up, and… it’s BIG ! A lot bigger than the picture made me believe. Oh, we’ll manage to set it up, np :-p But yes, we’re having this BIG swing thingy lying in our secondary driveway now, waiting for some extra hands to set it up. Wolf is still wayyy too small for it, but he might enjoy the swing itself already. I know I LOVED it when I was a small kid. I practically lived on my swing.

So tee-hee 🙂

I just had an eerie, but wonderful experience. It’s after 8 PM now, and the light is slowly fading. As it threatened to rain half an hour ago, there was this strange light, greyish but still warm. The temperature was also very nice, so I decided to go for a short walk with the dog. As I set out, my cat was watching me from the garden. After like 20 meters, he gave a loud miauw, and followed.
Thus I walked with this large white labrador on a leash, and a black slim cat that wandered around us: staying behind, jumping on fences, hiding behind bushes, catching up at high speed and waiting for us a little further on, and once in a while miauwing to get a cuddle, while purring on a garden wall or so. The dog now and then gave him a soft push with his nose. A man who was working in his garden, watched us pass by with awe. Not only do my dog and cat get along (the contrast in colour and size being rather large), they go for a walk together.

I felt so wonderful…

and a little wet since it indeed started to rain :-p

Cthulhu was deliciously absurd tonight… Did you know that, according to one of the players, Jezus drank coffee ? When we stated that coffee was originally from America and only brought to Europe some time after 1492, he remarked that in earlier times the world was one continent. I was scribbling when that remark was made, and misunderstood what was said, the sentence thus altered: “Yes, but everything used to be incontinent.”
Needless to say we had quite some laughs this evening.

Oh, and my motorbike rocks !

Yes, I’m still alive…

Had a tough day, yet in a very good mood now. Let me explain:
– 7 hours of teaching after two weeks holiday, and one week excursions
– came home by 4, had physio at 5.30
– had a small accident on my way there (nothing major, I wrecked the mirror of another car, will cost me 🙁 )
– rushed home after physio to eat half of my dinner, and left for the GP with Wolf (some rash: allergy, doc thinks)
– rushed home, ate the other half of my dinner
– left for theatre sports training (those around here: ‘onvoorziene omstandigheden’ of ‘De Llama’s’). Had some very good laughs, went completely bonkers, freaked out, talked jibberish, feeling totally relaxed now 🙂

Easter break was fine too: babysat a lot, painted some more, made bed covers for Wolf’s bed, worked an awful lot in the garden…

Gonna correct. Drun out.


Word of the Day for Sunday March 20, 2005

spoonerism \SPOO-nuh-riz-uhm\, noun:
The transposition of usually initial sounds in a pair of

Some examples:
* We all know what it is to have a half-warmed fish
[“half-formed wish”] inside us.
* The Lord is a shoving leopard [“loving shepherd”].
* It is kisstomary to cuss [“customary to kiss”] the bride.
* Is the bean dizzy [“dean busy”]?
* When the boys come back from France, we’ll have the hags
flung out [“flags hung out”]!
* Let me sew you to your sheet [“show you to your seat”].

Spoonerism comes from the name of the Rev. William
Archibald Spooner (1844-1930), a kindly but nervous
Anglican clergyman and educationalist. All the above
examples were committed by (or attributed to) him.


Yay. Not.

What was supposed to be a real holiday weekend, turned out to be a little different. Saturday was quite allright though: the weather was nice, and I played quite a bit with Wolf. At night we took him along to my parents, where we had this wine and cheese dinner with my bro and his gf, her parents, and Bart’s parents. A lovely night was had.
On Sunday, ie. Easter, we drove to my in-laws for this big Easter dinner. Of course we took Wolf along, but also almost all his stuff, cos he was staying there till Tuesday afternoon 🙂 This meant a few days off for Bart and me, in which we had planned a long lie, a sauna trip, restaurant and movies. And another long lie 🙂
The dinner was really nice, yet the two consequent heavy meals got to me, I think, my stomach isn’t used to all this food anymore. Anyway, after dessert I started to feel queasy, and I declined cake and coffee (which is quite exceptional for me). Indeed, a bit later I started to throw up. We left Wolf in the caring hands of his grandparents and drove home. At home, more throwing up, and I went to bed early. So much for our romantic night alone.
Next day we slept till 11, played some PC game together, and confided ourselves to the couch, since Bart didn’t feel too great either. We watched some movies on telly, and cancelled on the whole sauna experience. Later on, we also did cancel the restaurant and had some toast and the likes, easy stuff on the stomach. We couldn’t even get lured off the couch by the movies… 🙁 We then went right to sleep. It was only this morning that we both felt a little more romantic… And now, in about half an hour, we need to leave again to pick up Wolf.

So much for our romantic weekend: we were both sick 🙁

One good thing about it though (although I’m probably dehydrated and need to drink more water): I did lose quite a bit of weight again, instead of gaining over luscious Easter dinners. This morning, I was down to 95.5 kg (210.1 lbs), which means I lost 5 kg (11 lbs) by now. Not bad, huh ?


This morning, the school secretary entered my classroom and asked me to attend a very short meeting at 1 PM. When I entered the teachers’ lounge and saw all the faces, I knew it had to be bad. Turned out one of our colleagues had died… I wasn’t that close to her anymore lately, but I used to be. I knew her house, her family, all the little problems, accompanied her with two of her children on a trip to France…
She had been absent for a while, depression. Last week I heard she was in hospital, intensive care: a brain tumor. She herself didn’t know this: she had slipped into a coma before the diagnosis. And now…

I will miss her, although I didn’t see much of her lately. I can’t stop thinking about how it used to be, about her children (the youngest being 15, ADD, a very troubled kid) and about all she stood for. She was one of those rare persons who are too good for this world: although she didn’t have much money, she cared for some abandoned children as well.


Both Wolf and I are sick…

He started vomiting on Monday morning, and seems to be able to hold his liquids by now.
Monday night I slept 2 hours (in bits and pieces) and did laundry at 2 and 4 AM, since I only have so many bedsheets for him.
Last night he did vomit only twice: once at 7.30, half an hour before Bart and I had to leave for a formal dinner, so I had to shower and dress up again. Bart’s parents, who were babysitting, hadn’t heard him all evening. He woke up though as soon as we got home, and kept waking and crying every hour. He also puked all over his bedroom floor, so at 2 AM I was mopping his floor, changing his sheets, and all that. I got like 1 hour of sleep.

I did go to work though this morning. My kids were darlings, keeping quiet, being all nice, doing what they had to and being all sympathetic (one said I looked like shit though, no offence :-p ). Right now I’m feeling awful, even though Bart was so sweet to take over in the afternoon and let me sleep for over two hours 🙂 I had some yoghurt, and that was about it, except for some cookies, stupid me. Feel like I need to vomit right now.
Wolf isn’t eating properly either, he didn’t even finish his milk bottle, but he seems to be getting a little better: no vomiting in the last 12 hours, and he even played a little.

Bart’s at a meeting, and I think I want a cautious hug.


And Randall: if I didn’t comment, it was because I felt like everything I could say was either redundant or would have sounded cynical to you.


Oh my god ! This was a fucking hilarious session ! One of the best we played so far, I think. Last time we were sucked up by a ghost train, and now we needed to get off, whilst being attacked by 10 zombies. Our dice rolls were awful, as usual, so one of the zombies managed to play tonsil tennis with Richter, the character of Xavier who, alas, couldn’t be there. As a result, he turned into a zombie as well, and is lost to our party. Sorry Nihil, seems like you have to create a new character. Maybe one of my lady friends ? *grin*
Anyway, we did an awful lot of fighting, a lot of friendly fire (what’s in a name ?) which almost killed our bodyguard, and finally managed to get off that damned train, just before it crashed into another one.
At one point, we laughed soooo hard that my jaw got into a cramp, which made us all laugh even more. Apparently I did flutter with my right hand while holding my jaw with the other, and that made the others simply roar with laughter. I had to flee to the loo, because I nearly wet myself laughing. I don’t remember what exactly caused this outburst of laughter, but it might have been the zombie tongues stuck in Richter’s mouth, or the idiotic pun over the ‘botten’ we found in a train compartment, which could both be ‘bones’ and ‘boots’, and turned out to be both. My belly is hurting, my jaw is still partially locked and my cheeks are flushed, but man, this was relaxing !

Nothing like a good horror roleplay session to laugh your head off :-p