Went larping last weekend, and had a blast ! Had an awful lot of fun with my tribe of barbarians, got almost killed a couple of times, and forgot all my worries of the real world. Heh. Felt good :-))

Had to miss out on the birthday party of a very good friend though, and if it hadn’t been for endimi and randallsilver, Bart would have had to stay home too. Luckily they were ever so kind to come over and babysit that evening, and as they even stayed the night, Bart could stay out a bit longer without having to worry about the little one. Thanks ever so much, guys !

Today Bart’s parents came over to babysit: originally Bart had to go teaching today and I had a job application, but both got cancelled. They came over anyway, so Bart could work undisturbedly, they brought very yummy food with them so I didn’t have to cook when I came home at noon, and last but not least, his mom and I went to buy a car seat for Wolf and a new diaper cushion. She payed for all of it, being nearly € 250, as an early ‘Sinterklaas’ present for Wolf. Yay !

Wolf is being a little sweetheart too: he babbles all the time, plays with his toys like a good boy, and is generally being enthusiastic about nearly everything.

Me happy 🙂

I am in pain. I’m weaning the baby (still had one feeding in the morning) and my breasts are feeling like they could explode any moment now. Ugh. They really hurt, and even the pressure of my clothing is too much. Trying not to drink much now. Any other suggestions ?

In other news: I have a week’s holiday now, fall break, and I’m finally gonna repaint the stairway. Has been getting on my nerves for ages, but I couldn’t do it before. Had planned on doing it the last couple of weeks of August, but then my back acted up. Brought Wolf to the daycare this morning, so I could at least work a bit. Just fetched paint: shellwhite and aubergine. I’ll post a pic when it’s done (could be another couple of weeks though).


Busy day

Seemed like a busy day here, yet I didn’t do anything big
– corrected some
– worked in the garden a little, since it’s an amazing 19°C (66°F) outside, and that for the end of October !
– been working on those bed sheets for my little boy. Does anyone know where – apart from Veritas, which is really expensive – I can buy a neat children’s fabric application to sew on the sheets ?
– went grocery shopping with the sprog in Colruyt. God it was busy !! Had to queue for parking space, queue to get in, all hallways were terribly crowded, and all cash points were open and extremely busy. Ugh. Will teach me to go there on a Saturday afternoon. Wolf loved it though
– made fruit for the little one, fed him and took him for a walk in the pram (actually to fetch bread, but shush, don’t tell him)
– updated his diary and added more pics (www.wolfdewaele.be)
– installed a bunch of programs, ao. Asheron’s Call
– did some general household stuff

All in all had a satisfying day.

Nice day today. Getting the stress of last couple of days out of my system.
– The dossiers for my job application have finally been handed in, right on time. Ugh. I REALLY hate it when my PC messes up at critical moments. I swear, I nearly had a heart attack on Tuesday. Right now, with XP reinstalled and WordPerfect running smoothly again, I’m slowly reinstalling all of my other programs again.
– Wolf has been sleeping all night for two days in a row now: he didn’t wake up for a late night feeding anymore, leaving us to our much beloved sleep. Yay.
– Had a good day: went teaching for three hours, left at 12.00 with some students of tenth grade to grab a bite at the MacDonalds in town (they invited me when they heard I was coming along to the movie in the afternoon with them), then watched Fahrenheit 9/11 with them (history class related). Afterwards I went into the nearby shopping mall, bought some really nice stuff for Wolf (grey pants and long sleeve T, exactly the style of his father), snooped around in some more shops, collected the Wolfmeister at the daycare, came home and made some urgent invoices, had bread and left for Cthulhu roleplay.
– managed to secure this big Troy display for my classroom. The guy at the record store will give me a ring when he’s getting rid of them. Will be a while though, as it got on display just now.
– finally have some large maps and a clock in my semi-own classroom. Like it a lot.
– feel like I’m finally unwinding a bit. Wonder how high my blood pressure got last week, actually.

Gonna sleep now. Will be a nice day tomorrow too, I hope. Gonna make it a lazy one, and maybe go into town to fetch me some much-needed trousers. Or I might sew some sheets for Wolf’s bed, in addition to the ones I bought today. Already got the fabric a couple of weeks ago.

Night all !
*hugs Glod and Amby and Randall and Kirruth and Coyote*


*hugs all* (don’t want to give anyone the feeling he/she is being left out)


Cthulhu session was fun tonight, although the endless corridors underground are getting on my nerves. Most hilarious moment:

– GM: ‘you see a zombie slowly coming your way’
– all: ‘we shoot it’
– GM: ‘a big kettle goes flying in the air, releasing a stream of green fluid…’
– Bart (not my Bart, mind): ‘ ah, soup’
– GM, undisturbed: ‘… in which you see a hand’
– Bart: ‘oh, with munchies’ (“met brokskes”)

And this is supposed to be horror ??? Nah….


God what an awful day, and I get the feeling that the day is not yet over…
(WARNING: contains long nagging rant)

Last night Wolf woke me up quite a few times, thus leaving me really tired in the morning. I fed him, and then woke Bart, so he could take him. No go there: he was ill. Great. So I got up and played with Wolf, and then we took a bath together. Fun, but tiring. He played in his box a little, just enough to let me clean up the mess from the evening before and empty the dishwasher. Since he started demanding attention, I decided to go grocery shopping with him. Didn’t hurry, didn’t mind there was an awful crowd at 10.30h in the morning on a Saturday. I got his picture taken there, since I had a coupon for a free picture. Too bad his eyes were a little red from crying and being tired (he didn’t want to sleep) and he has mosquito bites on his face. Came home, hurriedly made his lunch (red beets with rice and beef) while he was in his chair crying. Fed him, and then Bart came down, feeling all faint and queasy. Started on lunch, but Bart wasn’t hungry, so I decided to leave that one till tonight and have something else instead. Luckily I brought two danish (Diksmuidse boterkoeken, dropen van de honing, yum) to go with the coffee, so we could have one of these each and have some bread or yoghurt or so.
When I finished feeding sprog, hanging up the laundry and cleaning the mess in the kitchen, I managed to get Wolf to sleep for like half an hour. Just the perfect moment to have my danish I’d been looking forward to, have a coffee and read the paper. Too bad Bart, ill as he was, thought I had had lunch already (like, when ???) and ate both pastries. No lunch here. Had a quick little waffle while folding up clean laundry and setting up stuff for the new cat. Since Wolf had started crying again after playing a bit more, I took him out in his buggy, so he wouldn’t bother Bart too much who had installed himself on the couch. Went to return a DVD Bart forgot to return, payed the fine, passed by the Oxfam store and got me a necklace, rice, two bracelets for my little cousins, and two cups, came home, fed Wolf his baby yoghurt, tried to make him sleep some more. No go, so no working in the garden for me in this beautiful weather. Played with him a bit, eventually put him in his bed where he kept crying for half an hour, cos I really needed a break. After that, I fed him upstairs in our bed, since Bart was sleeping on the couch. Wolf enjoyed the milk and was quite a happy little bugger after that, so we played, I made him laugh and laugh and laugh… till he choked on something, started coughing, and, while laying flat on his back, sprouted out a fountain of milk, yoghurt and beets. Looked like strawberry milkshake, smelled quite differently. It was all over his face, in his eyes, over the bed, on his clothes… So I sighed, picked him up and gave him another bath. Luckily now he sleeps. Changed the bed, put all the pink stuff in the washer already. Now need to take inside the laundry (hope it’s dry), feed the dog, fold more clothes, finish preparing that quiche I was making for lunch, ease that cat who hides under the guest bed, forget about the garden, try to make Bart feel better…

Maybe tonight I’ll start reading my paper. Yay.

Spent a most pleasant afternoon 🙂 Taught untill 1 PM, then left to meet up with Faust for lunch in this little Italian restaurant, had to wait for half an hour for my mom and gran to arrive there too (poor Faust, three generations of women of my family) and then we sat outside on the little terrace (she hadn’t planned on setting up the terrace, but since we nearly begged for it, she did it anyway :-)) and had our lunch in the sun. I treated everyone on dessert, which was gladly accepted, and then we parted our ways. Did some grocery shopping, passed by a good friend to talk a little and have coffee, and then went to collect my little treasure. PLayed a bit with him, fed him, changed him into his nighties, and put him to bed. So now I have some time all for myself (Bart is still out for coffee, his Friday ritual) and I must say I don’t mind.

Kinda hungry now. Must restrain from munching cookies, might take a sandwich already. Later on, Idol 2004 to watch, fun ! I did buy some Pringles to go with that, hehe, mindless entertainment. After that I will most probably fall asleep, pretty tired here.

*hugs all*

Had a most pleasant day today. The weather outside is downright glorious: bright blue sky, bright sun (but not the real hot middle-of-summer sun), gentle breeze, 26° Celcius… I taught some classes this morning, and I really enjoy being back at school. I started to feel numb at home, and no matter how much I love taking care of Wolf, I really need more than that. I missed the social contact, I missed teaching, I missed making a difference to a bunch of people, I missed feeling useful, and – no point denying – I missed the money.

It felt great to come home at noon too though. Bart was trying to feed Wolf, but the little one was struggling and crying. Until he saw me: I took over, he calmed down immediately, and ate all of his veggies. Good boy 🙂 Then we both sat outside in the shade: he was sitting on this playing blanket with a lot of toys, and I sat on a cushion, correcting stuff. It was so nice… At 6 PM Bart joined us and we went for a little walk along the canal with the dog. Weather was gorgeous 🙂
Wolf hardly slept today though, so after I had fed him, I put him to bed, and he didn’t even protest, he fell asleep right away.

Sweet little one 🙂

I am home all alone for the first time in 7 months, and I just LURRRRRRRRRRVE it !!

Gonna take an ice tea, the paper, and gonna sit outside in the sun and enjoy having no one around.

Wow. Feels good.


There was no ice tea in the fridge and I couldn’t find the paper (Bart had taken it upstairs into his office, he has never done that before, and since he wasn’t home, I couldn’t ask), but still I enjoyed my precious little bit of freedom…

Yet I was very happy to see my little sprog again. He did very well at the day care 🙂

It’s strange… People kept telling me about maternal feelings, yet I could never even begin to conceive how much I’d love that little helpless creature. It’s a totally different love than the one I feel for Bart. Oddly enough our love has deepened a lot too, something I didn’t deem possible either.

Can I kill it, mom, please?

Yesterday some guys came with a couple of tons of equipment and trucks and the like, planted a giant generator the size of our garage, and cut off the power in the entire block. After about an hour and a half power came back on, thanks to that terribly noisy generator right in front of our house, across the street. The power company had issued a warning that the power was going to be cut for half an hour.
Great ! We shut all windows, let down the shutters, closed all curtains, and still we could hear the roar of the generator throughout the house. Needless to say sleeping was just great. Ugh.

For today they had announced a power cutoff from 10 to 12 and 15 till 16. Since we have a webdesign company, that could be a bit of a problem, but hey, there always is stuff to be done without internet, and the laptops could take over for 2 hours. At 9.25 power went down. Hmmm. Half an hour early, so no coffee made yet, and Bart hadn’t transferred the data he was working on to his laptop. Great. At 12 I went outside and asked a guy how much longer it was going to take. “Oh, at least another couple of hours”. WTF ? I found my camping stove and heated Wolf’s veggies, so at least he could have a decent meal. We had bread. By that time both graphic designers had already left the house and sought other workplaces, since power was really needed. For us there wasn’t much to do: Bart slept a little, I embroidered. No PC, no cooking, no telephone, no babyphone, no lights to go to the bathroom, no Olympics on telly, no hot water. We couldn’t even do the chores, like washing up, ironing, mowing the lawn…
Finally the power came back on at 15.45 ! Bart is filing a complaint and asking for a compensation for lost work hours. If he had known beforehand, they would have moved for the day. Hmmm. Grrr.