New year’s eve

Our New Year’s Eve wasn’t all that grand or spectacular, with Bart being ill and all. I even feared for a while that we were going to have to cancel. On Friday he did feel a bit better, but on Saturday his sickness took a bad turn again. He stayed in bed – read: on the couch – for most of the day, and I did call the doctor round 3 PM. She finally arrived round 6.30, and stated it was a very bad case of sinusitis, with a touch of otitis and laryngitis. No fun, really. He finally got some antibiotics prescribed, and he pulled himself together to go to my cousin, his wife and their three lovely daughters, who are very fond of Wolf. The eldest is 5.5 years old, the second 4, and the third like 6 months :-p Wolf enjoyed it immensely, before they all went to bed.

We had caviar and other hors d’oeuvres on toast, then some Coquilles Saint-Jacques in a very nice sauce, and then I prepared lobster, with fresh tagliatelli and salad. Luckily the poor creatures had already been boiled, so no need for me to boil them alive or anything. I just had to cut them, and prepare them with a very nice vanilla butter. Yes, seems odd, but is very tasty, and not too heavy. We all enjoyed the lobster very much, struggled a bit with the pincers, and ended with a home made tiramisu. Bart felt quite well till after the lobster, but then started to feel queezy again, and fell asleep on the couch. No midnight kiss for me :-p

All in all we had a very nice night, and a very quiet January 1st, with Bart mostly on the couch again.

ANd now Wolf is with Bart’s parents, and Bart is out for business lunch, so it’s all me by myself here, and that’s been a while. Bart’s away in the evening too, and I still don’t know what I’ll do.

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