I just had an eerie, but wonderful experience. It’s after 8 PM now, and the light is slowly fading. As it threatened to rain half an hour ago, there was this strange light, greyish but still warm. The temperature was also very nice, so I decided to go for a short walk with the dog. As I set out, my cat was watching me from the garden. After like 20 meters, he gave a loud miauw, and followed.
Thus I walked with this large white labrador on a leash, and a black slim cat that wandered around us: staying behind, jumping on fences, hiding behind bushes, catching up at high speed and waiting for us a little further on, and once in a while miauwing to get a cuddle, while purring on a garden wall or so. The dog now and then gave him a soft push with his nose. A man who was working in his garden, watched us pass by with awe. Not only do my dog and cat get along (the contrast in colour and size being rather large), they go for a walk together.

I felt so wonderful…

and a little wet since it indeed started to rain :-p

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