Yes, I’m still alive…

Had a tough day, yet in a very good mood now. Let me explain:
– 7 hours of teaching after two weeks holiday, and one week excursions
– came home by 4, had physio at 5.30
– had a small accident on my way there (nothing major, I wrecked the mirror of another car, will cost me šŸ™ )
– rushed home after physio to eat half of my dinner, and left for the GP with Wolf (some rash: allergy, doc thinks)
– rushed home, ate the other half of my dinner
– left for theatre sports training (those around here: ‘onvoorziene omstandigheden’ of ‘De Llama’s’). Had some very good laughs, went completely bonkers, freaked out, talked jibberish, feeling totally relaxed now šŸ™‚

Easter break was fine too: babysat a lot, painted some more, made bed covers for Wolf’s bed, worked an awful lot in the garden…

Gonna correct. Drun out.

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