Got an odd phonecall at 22.00: I recognised the voice of my ‘inspector’ as he said hello and identified himself. I say ‘inspector’, cos that’s how someone with his position in the education is known as. Strictly speaking he’s the ‘paedagogical advisor for Latin and Greek’, and I can turn to him whenever I have a major problem concerning the things I have to teach. He can also come and see in my classes if I teach whatever I need to teach in an appropriate way. I’m lucky he’s an amiable, yet strict man.
Anyway, he asked me if I wanted to participate in an international Comenius project, ‘ICT in Classics’. He had thought of me since he knows I’m pretty much a PC addict, and usually pretty enthousiastic about stuff. I accepted, first meeting is on Friday, and I’m kinda curious. Need to go to Brussels for that, but I’ll get the details later on this week.
I thanked him for thinking about me, to which he answered, in this very soft yet highly ironic voice: ‘Oh, but I think of you every night’. I started laughing, and replied: ‘Oh, sure you do :-p’.

Yet I feel honoured.

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