Project week at school: Heart of Europe. That’s me with four other colleagues managing 68 hormone-filled adolescents of 14 years old in Springtime. Yay.

Monday we went to Dover Castle and Canterbury. Got stuck in traffic for over an hour, so we couldn’t complete the whole programme. Exhausted after a 6.45 – 22.30 day.

Tuesday: slept long, was in the Laser-shooting pub at 13.30u. Great great fun was had ! Me with 13 of those little mongrels in the game, and I fucking won ! They hunted me all over the place, I had the most fun ! One minor thingy tho: managed to sprain my ankle once more. Nothing too serious, I thought, so went shopping, cooked, put the ankle in an elevated position, iced it, and that was that.

Right. At night it started hurting really bad, and the swelling was getting bigger too. Tough girl here tho:

Wednesday: 6.15 lift off to Trier: a beautiful German city with ancient Roman remnants. Way cool. Beautiful day was had, limping away across town. Got home by 23.00. Fell asleep instantly.

Today: slept long (heh), went to see the doctor: foot’s in a kind of plaster right now, need to walk with crutches once more. Foot is starting to piss me off. Grr. I see surgery in the future…
Off to school now again to work on the project.

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