Pretty busy week, yet a nice one.

Got a really nice surprise on Friday (I was lucky to be home): this big flower bouquet, a dozen of deep red roses, very very beautiful! There was a little card attached, with nothing but a kiss and a Scots name. Thank you sweety šŸ™‚

Bart and I don’t really do Valentine’s day: I don’t need a date to love him, or to express that love. On Wednesday I made his favourite dish, and his big smile from ear to ear and the lights in his eyes are more than enough šŸ™‚
So we just had our usual Friday coffee and dinner, and then went home and watched a DVD: ‘Titus’, after ‘Titus Andronicus’ by Shakespeare, with Anthony Hopkins and Jessica Lange. Man, it’s such a good movie, but harsh, violent and cruel, and not exactly Valentine’s Day fodder :-p

Yesterday I got up real early and started cleaning the guest room: cleared away all the junk, put a lot of stuff in the emptied cupboards or back here in my office, rearranged all the furniture, so that the room looks a lot bigger. I was tired and covered in dust, but it’s well worth it. Gonna start redecorating next weekend, I think: stripping the wall paper, painting, the lot.
Went to my physiotherapist in the morning by bicycle, and proud of that! Not that it’s that far (like 3 miles/5km or so) but I’m so pathetic that even that pleases me.
In the evening we went to friends for a most pleasant evening: very good food, delightful company, swell conversations.

Today I worked a bit for school, and then went for lunch at my parents: once more delicious food, then coffee, then a nice walk in the bright sunshine and freezing cold. Hehe.

Tomorrow will be a long day: school field trip to Tongeren, a city with a splendid Gallo-Roman museum and lots of remains of that era in the city too. So I’m going there with 5 colleagues and 101 students (1-2 grade). Took a lot of organisation too, so I hope it will be worth it.

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