Past few days have been weird. I’m not the world’s greatest cleaner, to make the understatement of the year. But somehow I got into a cleaning frenzy that would even make my mother-in-law feel ashamed.
Maybe it is cos finally the second floor of our house starts to take shape. This means that I can put everything that was originally stocked on the attic and was brought down to the different rooms, back up. I have a separate room now for all the larp stuff I own, and yes, it fills up a small room. This means that the spare room got a little free space, so that I could move my sewing table and the machine and all pieces of fabric in there. This of course means that my bedroom finally emptied up again šŸ™‚ so I started cleaning the whole thing. Finally some breathing space !!! I’ve got this huge bedroom with a giant cupboard and a double bed and a dressoir and everything, and a table with four chairs in it too. All got cleaned, and I even started sorting out the clothes. God, I’m awful ! I finally got myself to throw away a bunch of clothes from when I was 15 and like 30 kilos slimmer. What on earth was I thinking ? That they’d become fashionable again ? That I’d ever regain my figure from those days ? LOL !

Anyway, got two aching arms now and two cramping hands, but… A very nice sparkling clean bedroom šŸ™‚ All I need to do now is start plastering and wallpapering and painting the 2nd floor, so Bart’s new office is all ready for use.

Oh, and maybe even get a New Year’s Eve over and done with. Sigh…

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