Went to bed real early on Monday, I was exhausted… Then mosquitoes came and kept me awake a large part of the night, so no good there.

Yesterday I got up to go to school and examine some students for their re-examinations. Can’t say they did too well, I’m afraid. While sitting there and watching them take the exams, the secretary from school came in and told me I had to phone to another school, being Mariakerke. They have a full time job there for me, and it’s really close (like 3 miles) from where I live. Can’t say I like the school too much tho, been teaching there before. The classes aren’t too great either: 3 times first grade (12 year olds), once 2nd, once 3rd and once 4th. So no seniors for me this year… Too bad, I really love the philosophy and rhetorics I have to teach in 6th grade.
But at least I have a job now, for an entire year, a steady income, only one school, close to home (I can go by bike :-)). I’m happy. We’ll see what next year brings then.

After the exams and some administration issues, I went to Faust. He got this great expresso machine from his parents, so we sat there and drank Caffe Latte all afternoon, talking (for some odd reason most of it was about sex… Yep yep, a woman and her gay friend talking about sex and the sex drive that makes most guys think about every 7 minutes about sex, about favourite positions, etc etc) and smoking some. Had a really nice afternoon, I must say.

At night I watched some telly and did tons of phonecalls, in total over two hours, to various people to tell them that I had a job again, and relate my doings in Scotland and stuff.

Yep yep, I think my life’s back on track.

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