I lost my job. Well, kinda… Lemme explain.

A job as a teacher is never very certain (classes can grow, or disappear), as long as you don’t have a real contract. You have to go thru a procedure for that, teach for at least 3 years, and another number of requirements.

I don’t have such a contract yet, so each year I don’t know if I’ll have a job in September. (recess is July and August). By now, after 8 years of teaching, I do have some rights, but still others have priority. I have been teaching in this particular school for 5 years now, decorated (with large paintings on the walls and windows) my classroom, made a lot of friends, took care of the school mag, played school photographer on all kinds of occasions…

But now this other person has come up, and since she’s prior to me, she takes up all my hours. No more work at MY school… They’ll try and place me in another school in the area (this I have a right to, since I’m prior in the area school group). Still it’s not the same. New school, new management, new rules, new colleagues, prolly new subjects to teach. OK, I’ll have an income, that I’m sure of. But I don’t have to like this.

Leaving for Scotland tomorrow (gonna see my love, YAY!) and only coming back on Monday, so I presume on Tuesday I’ll know what school I’ll be working in the next Monday.

Happy happy joy joy. Sigh.

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