Hehe, looking fwd to go to Paris tomorrow ! Me, my mum, Faust and his mum are going by car, it’s actually only 2.5 hours drive, but never did it before. Not that I haven’t been in Paris before, only not by car. Did it once by motorbike, loved that šŸ™‚ . God I miss my bike !!! Saving up now for a new one, but it takes ages šŸ™

Today was a very fruitful day, I daresay. At 8 am the carpenters came to fit in a stairway to our new 2nd floor. Man it looks good ! So happy about it, Bart really needs his office up there. Since we didn’t need the large ladder up there anymore, I took it out and started cleaning the gutter up there, and managed to clear away a huge dead plant that had grown all along the water spout into the gutter. Heh, slash and kill !
Then my father came round to explain me more about his book keeping program. Since the new company started, I’m officially its bookkeeper, even tho I don’t know much about it. The program is really nice tho, once you get the basics of it. Glad he did explain a bunch.

At noon, Bart came home as well, so we had bread and started in the garden. He mowed the lawn (actually without grass, mostly dandelions), repaired that gutter, and did all kinda stuff. Odd for him to be outside. I managed to finish the rose perk, have a big circle (2.5 diameter) around a white stemmed rose, filled with wood chips. Looks nice. Finally sth that looks decent in my garden. I hope the dog won’t ruin it, just like he ruins the rest of the so-called garden…

Tired here now, but happy. Another day well spent šŸ™‚

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