Heh, feeling content these days.

Had a great Cthulhu session on thursday, was kinda weird again, but very intense. We lost another party member tho šŸ™ Couldn’t be helped, was an instant death trap. Didn’t realize our GM was using them. Anyway, with some help of my hubbie the PHP magician, I did make a little website for our logs. Most of it is Dutch tho, the handouts are in English. Feel like checking it out ? You can comment on it here, if you feel I could do better. http://netlash.com/masks He made it so easy for me: all I have to do is type in the texts, scan the pics, I don’t even need an FTP client anymore. Never asked for that site either, he just told me to take a look at what he had made me, and if I felt like using it, adopting colours and styles… Nice surprise !!!

The rest of yesterday and friday was pretty uneventful: did some work for my bro, and yesterday Faust had promised to stop by, but had fallen asleep on his couch. He’s gonna try and stop by today then, LOL. THat is if he doesn’t fall asleep again šŸ™‚

Day started out pretty well too: everythingzen25 had this great post, made me laugh. Too bad I can’t reply on it, since I’m not in his friends’ list. Heh, no biggie. Weird thing is that I know Brac in a completely different way. Really had some good talks with him back in the old days. He even knows things about me that nearly no one knows, and he keeps them a secret, as I asked. Too bad I see he behaves like such an ass these days.

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