Heh, had a nice day today ! This lj shouldn’t be all negative :-). First had a long lie (again), then answered a bunch of emails and played some. Then a friend of mine came over, a young very handsome dude, and above all, really intelligent and very goth ! We had a nice long philosophic talk, did me good.
Then we went for friday coffee: me, hubby and some geek friends who discuss latest web events and technologies over some yum coffee, every friday afternoon. I really look fwd to that kind of meetings. Then Bart and I went to the new sushi bar in town, fast food, expensive, but really yum. After that we had set to meet our friends again at Machine Centered Humans, a very experimental theatre project: Scratch Robot, Sonic Cooking (had some delicious tiramisu) and then a performance of two net artists. We’ve known their project for years now, check it out every thursday between 11 and 12 pm GMT at http://www.entropy8zuper.org/wirefire. I recommend this very much !
We ended our evening with a drink at a real nice place, very arty farty as well :-p.

Yep, one of the better nights of lately. Pity I had to go home because the ache in my back was getting too much. I really hate that back of mine !

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