If anyone would wonder what I’m up to these days, well, here’s an example. Two years ago I got six stools from the old physics lab at school. They were obsolete and about to be thrown out. I thought they could be transformed into something nice and useful, so I got 6 of them. Revamping them now, along with some other stuff.



And on the kids part ? Well, still waiting here. The little embryo has been implanted a while ago, and I’m getting these heavy progesteron (hormone) injections. Great.
Pregnancy will be confirmed or denied soon.


I just finished the new Harry Potter. I did quite like it, although it’s getting to be a little predictable. Anyway, if someone wants to borrow it, just ask.

On another note: I felt like a chicken being plucked yesterday. Indeed, after the heavy hormones I had 15 eggs instead of the usual 1, which is quite a lot. I had full narcosis yesterday, and they picked up the eggs. I just called in, and 11 of the 15 were ripe and have been injected with semen. 4 already turned into embryos, but probably more will evolve. I have to call again tomorrow. They will be inserted in my uterus on Saturday, and then I have to wait 14 days to know whether I’m pregnant or not.

Pretty intense week, I had. LOL this sounds like Yoda :-p But indeed, last wednesday Bart and I went to the movies and finally watched Star Wars. I liked it, and I even liked Hayden Christensen. Ok, some scenes were a little over the top, and the ‘Noooooo’ was downright ridiculous, but that’s the script, and not the actor.

On Thursday we had our biweekly Nephilim session, and I had the chance to admire petjorin’s new home, with the wild garden and everything. The house sure has potential…

On Friday [Bad username: kimmekepunk"] took me to a folk play, in the Gent dialect. Wasn’t too good, alas. I didn’t like the script, and I didn’t like the actors. The woman is usually a pretty good actress, but her Gentish really sucked. Even I can do better than that !

Grr Bart just passed by and told me one of the glasses of my… errr glasses is chipped ! I didn’t notice yet, but indeed, it is. Blah ! Another expense…

On Saturday I went to _leetah_’s birthday party. I didn’t know the location, but quite liked it. Met a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a long time, although there wasn’t as big a crowd as I had expected. Had a lot of fun dancing, as the two DJs were both wackos. I don’t think I ever danced on ‘Star Trekking’ before :-p Was headbanging at some point too, thus giving me an aching neck the day after. Leetah seemed genuinely happy with my little gift too, and I don’t mean the diaper, wimmekepunk !

Sunday was a lazy day, and on Monday we invited my brother and his girl over for a barbecue. Bart and I were virtually barbecue virgins: I just bought one a couple of days ago. I did like it though: the meat was excellent, and apparently my bro is a good cook when it comes to roasting meat on an outside heating device.

Tuesday was another lazy day, although I had intended to go into town for the sales. I did feel nauseous in the afternoon, and it didn’t seem wise to take a ride on the motorbike feeling that way. So I stayed on the couch, read a little, watched some telly, generally did nothing. Go me. I think the hormones are getting to me. Ugh. I’m getting fed up with them. Have a belly ache, and do feel…. blergh. Luckily Faust did come over this afternoon for a nice cup of coffee and a chat. He went to Berlin last week, and brought his memory card full of pics. I liked it 🙂

So yes, my life has been overly exciting. How’s you ?

Bart and I just went to buy this big sand pit for Wolf, and already installed it too. The little guy’s sleeping now, but I bet he’ll be overly excited when he gets to play. I know I used to adore playing in the sand.

I still have to thank zomermaantje an awful lot for babysitting on Wednesday evening. I had a most delightful evening, sitting outside on a little square in Antwerp with friends from LARP, talking it over, enjoying the lovely weather (it still being 21° at midnight (70° F)). The only downside was that the guy I have a crush on (and have had one for over 5 years now, a recurring crush that lasts like two weeks every time I see him, that being twice a year) couldn’t make it due to a swollen ankle. Grrr. Still had a lovely evening. Thank you, sweety !

On another note: the bed really is nice. And yes, we use it for sleeping ! Bart and I have been a couple for over 12 years now, so the passion has subsided mostly, I must admit. Heh, we should have bought a new bed way early: my back didn’t hurt the past two mornings. Not that it hurt that much before, but every morning I was aware that I had a back, and that’s something you shouldn’t be thinking about when waking.


Three weeks ago, I put my turtles outside in the little pond they live in during the summer. Hasn’t been any good weather since, but not that cold either. Hardly ever saw them though. Once I panicked, but they were both on the bottom of the pond, sleeping (due to the cold).

Didn’t really worry since. I better had. Because today I saw the smallest of them floating in the water, dead 🙁 I ran out, panicking, but he must have been dead for a couple of days now. So I began to search for the big one. She’s nowhere to be found: not in the water, not in the little garden surrounding it. Yet she couldn’t have escaped, not to my knowledge. Really worried now… Yet I’m fearing the worst: I really don’t have a good feeling about it. I do hope she turns up though.

I’ve had these like 8 years now or so. They’re not exactly sociable, but hey, they’re my pets. Sigh. Not gonna replace them though.


Dead tired now, still sticky and dirty and looking horrible, but…

I had a great weekend ! Yes, the tribe is still alive, all 10 barbarians survived. We had to do a lot of big shaman and spiritstuff, I nearly got killed a couple of times, and I performed a great ritual of initiation for two small barbarians. They found their totem, and the spirits did accept.

Yep yep. A very good weekend has been had 🙂



A couple of days ago, I bought this second-hand swing from a couple living a village away. It’s only two months old, but their young son had fallen off, and didn’t dare climb up it again. It’s wooden, with this duo swing in iron and a big slide.

We just went to pick it up, and… it’s BIG ! A lot bigger than the picture made me believe. Oh, we’ll manage to set it up, np :-p But yes, we’re having this BIG swing thingy lying in our secondary driveway now, waiting for some extra hands to set it up. Wolf is still wayyy too small for it, but he might enjoy the swing itself already. I know I LOVED it when I was a small kid. I practically lived on my swing.

So tee-hee 🙂

I just had an eerie, but wonderful experience. It’s after 8 PM now, and the light is slowly fading. As it threatened to rain half an hour ago, there was this strange light, greyish but still warm. The temperature was also very nice, so I decided to go for a short walk with the dog. As I set out, my cat was watching me from the garden. After like 20 meters, he gave a loud miauw, and followed.
Thus I walked with this large white labrador on a leash, and a black slim cat that wandered around us: staying behind, jumping on fences, hiding behind bushes, catching up at high speed and waiting for us a little further on, and once in a while miauwing to get a cuddle, while purring on a garden wall or so. The dog now and then gave him a soft push with his nose. A man who was working in his garden, watched us pass by with awe. Not only do my dog and cat get along (the contrast in colour and size being rather large), they go for a walk together.

I felt so wonderful…

and a little wet since it indeed started to rain :-p

Cthulhu was deliciously absurd tonight… Did you know that, according to one of the players, Jezus drank coffee ? When we stated that coffee was originally from America and only brought to Europe some time after 1492, he remarked that in earlier times the world was one continent. I was scribbling when that remark was made, and misunderstood what was said, the sentence thus altered: “Yes, but everything used to be incontinent.”
Needless to say we had quite some laughs this evening.

Oh, and my motorbike rocks !

Yes, I’m still alive…

Had a tough day, yet in a very good mood now. Let me explain:
– 7 hours of teaching after two weeks holiday, and one week excursions
– came home by 4, had physio at 5.30
– had a small accident on my way there (nothing major, I wrecked the mirror of another car, will cost me 🙁 )
– rushed home after physio to eat half of my dinner, and left for the GP with Wolf (some rash: allergy, doc thinks)
– rushed home, ate the other half of my dinner
– left for theatre sports training (those around here: ‘onvoorziene omstandigheden’ of ‘De Llama’s’). Had some very good laughs, went completely bonkers, freaked out, talked jibberish, feeling totally relaxed now 🙂

Easter break was fine too: babysat a lot, painted some more, made bed covers for Wolf’s bed, worked an awful lot in the garden…

Gonna correct. Drun out.