Hehe, had a very nice email this morning, which really made my day. A father thanked me for the efforts I had made during the vacation to help his son pass his summer exam. Quote:’ You didn’t have to, yet you did correct his horrible exercises. I had never expected such dedication to eduction, the Latin language and the tutoring of students. You have earned my deepest respect.’
Go me !

Teaching went well too today, bit tired now, but ok.

Yesterday was fun too: my dad had his birthday on thursday, so I did invite my parents and my two brothers with their girlfriends for a meal. We had aperitif, three kinds of mussels (had to clean 8 kilo, yuck), ice cream and then coffee with cake (which of course I had baked myself). Was dead tired afterwards, but satisfied and happy. My beloved Bart did do the entire washing up. God I love that man !

Yep yep, life is going well these days.

Had a hilarious Nephilim session tonight. Was a pretty good one, I think: we learned a lot, found a next clue and a Templar’s nest, so we know what to do next time.

Quote of the evening: ‘You see a luxurious room, cleary inhabited by a woman.’ ‘A woman what ?’ ‘Huh ? What ???’ Think of that question. A woman what ? What did he expect to see ? A female penguin ???? Oh well, guess you had to be there. I laughed myself to tears ­čÖé

All in all a very pleasant, relaxing evening. Thank you, guys !

First day at school today, and predictably, I didn’t sleep well. Hmm. Can’t say it was out of sheer excitement, rather anxiousness about ‘am I gonna make it through the day ?’

Didn’t feel great when I got up, and despite the shower and the fact that I forced myself to eat some white cheese, it didn’t get much better. At school at 8.30u, I had to assemble a class full of freshmen: 26 12year olds. Great. Luckily it was a two-person job. When I was waiting in line to make some photocopies a bit later on, I suddenly felt very queasy, and someone told me I was as white as a sheet of paper. It passed in sitting down and breathing.

Yet I talked till 11.00, telling the newly arrived kids what the hell they were intended to do and what not to do, where to be, etc. etc. 10 minutes break in which I had a peach and was told by quite a number of people that I looked pale.

Then I had two of my own classes of new kids: a 50 minutes speech each to tell them what I expected from them in Latin class. Yay, fun.

By then I was so exhausted that I decided I needed a hot meal, despite the fact that I promised Bart to have a sandwich and cook in the evening.
Then two hours of teaching to my fourth graders (16 year olds), which was nice cos I already know them, and I indeed started teaching. Was nice, but tiring too.

All in all I did survive pretty well, I think. Came home round 4, took a long nap on the couch, and by 6.30 Bart came asking what he could prepare for food. Since I had had a hot meal already and wasn’t feeling hungry at all, I offered to make him mussels (as I had them in the house anyway). God, you should have seen his face !!! All radiant and shining, with sparkling eyes :-))) How could I NOT make mussels for that man ? He finished nearly 2 kilo of them, prepared with white wine, cream and dille. I hardly had any, didn’t feel like it.

So tired now, but content. Having a loving man is worth a LOT !

Had a very nice game of roleplay yesterday. Somehow there was very much innuendo and even blatant sexism, but man, I had such a laugh ! We actually managed to get 4 new characters introduced and get a bunch of info too.

Was really tired when I got home, but Bart was watching some Japanese movie, and I hate going to bed on my own, so I played a bit of AC for a change, untill I just couldn’t sit straight anymore. Went to bed, was hardly in there or I had to jump up and run to the loo… I HATE upset stomachs and puking at night ! The nausea is finally getting better, and I’m not so extremely tired anymore, but now I start throwing up at nights… Hmmm… The baby is allright though, the size of a gamba :-p

On another note: Faust moved tuesday to his new house, and I like the place. Went to help him a bit in the afternoon, unpacking small stuff and putting it in the cupboards, and driving to his old place to get more boxes and stuff. Man, he still has a TON to do… Poor Faust. After work today I might go and see how he’s doing. DUnno yet.

Anyway, gonna have sth to eat before my stomach kills me again, and see if I can get the paper without being soaked.

Yep yep, had a nice weekend ­čÖé

Didn’t do much on Saturday during the day, which was all for the best, cos round 7 PM randallsilver and samalla arrived at my place ­čÖé We had a drink, picked up Randy’s gf and went to see the fireworks at the beach. There’s this splendid fireworks festival going on there, and I must say, after a slow start the spectacle was quite impressive. Good times were had, but I was exhausted. When we got back here, we just had a drink, sat and talked.
Even though I was completely spent, I hardly slept. Grrr !

On Sunday Sammy and I talked a bit, and when Randall showed up again in the early afternoon, we took the dog for a walk at de Blaarmeersen (local lake-beach-tanning thingy), met up with wimmekepunk and his beloved wife, and when we got back home after an hour or two, I crashed on the couch. God I’m pathetic ! But at least I manage to do stuff and leave the house these days.

Round 5.30 in the afternoon we set out for Den Haag (Netherlands) for a wedding party of two very good friends I met in an online game. We dropped Sammy off at the train station and started our quest for the venue. Turned out the name wasn’t marked on the outside, grrr ! Spent quite a while looking for the place, as the routeplanner only had directed me to the nearest underground parking, and never gave me the exact address.

Company and dinner were both lovely. Just a pity that I didn’t see much of glod and Kirruth, since they were sitting at a different table. Oh well… Was good to see my sweety again though ­čÖé Apparently the sleepless night and the activities during the day had worn me out, cos I was feeling awful at moments and had to lie down. Never ate much either. Such a pity… All in all it was a great evening though.

Was so worn out that I couldn’t sleep again last night (had to vomit when we got home, which didn’t make it any easier to sleep either) and I’m sooooo tired now ! Had to go to school this morning, taking exams for those who got a second chance. Had trouble to stay awake, I admit. Came home, slept for two hours, ate something, left for the doc.
All is still very much ok with the baby. 13 weeks now and counting. She’s 7.7 cm long now, and wriggling about on that echo :-p

Happy me.

Been a long time since I cried over a song, but as I was listening to this one, all of a sudden the tears came bursting out of my eyes. If you’re not familiar with it, please find the MP3 and listen to it. If ever I die before Bart, or even the way around, I want this to be played at either funeral. It’s exactly how I feel, even though Bart and I never fight. I tried to translate it for those who don’t understand French.

Jacques Brel – La Chanson des vieux amants

Bien s├╗r, nous e├╗mes des orages
Vingt ans d’amour, c’est l’amour fol
Mille fois tu pris ton bagage
Mille fois je pris mon envol
Et chaque meuble se souvient
Dans cette chambre sans berceau
Des ├ęclats des vieilles temp├¬tes
Plus rien ne ressemblait à rien
Tu avais perdu le go├╗t de l’eau
Et moi celui de la conquête

Mais mon amour
Mon doux mon tendre mon merveilleux amour
De l’aube claire jusqu’├á la fin du jour
Je t’aime encore tu sais je t’aime
Moi, je sais tous tes sortil├Ęges
Tu sais tous mes envo├╗tements
Tu m’as gard├ę de pi├Ęges en pi├Ęges
Je t’ai perdue de temps en temps
Bien s├╗r tu pris quelques amants
Il fallait bien passer le temps
Il faut bien que le corps exulte
Finalement finalement
Il nous fallut bien du talent
Pour être vieux sans être adultes

Oh mon amour
Mon doux mon tendre mon merveilleux amour
De l’aube claire jusqu’├á la fin du jour
Je t’aime encore tu sais je t’aime

Et plus le temps nous fait cort├Ęge
Et plus le temps nous fait tourment
Mais n’est-ce pas le pire pi├Ęge
Que vivre en paix pour des amants
Bien s├╗r tu pleures un peu moins t├┤t
Je me d├ęchire un peu plus tard
Nous prot├ęgeons moins nos myst├Ęres
On laisse moins faire le hasard
On se m├ęfie du fil de l’eau
Mais c’est toujours la tendre guerre

Oh mon amour
Mon doux mon tendre mon merveilleux amour
De l’aube claire jusqu’├á la fin du jour
Je t’aime encore tu sais je t’aime

Jacques Brel – The song of the old lovers

Of course, we’ve had storms
Twenty years of love, it’s a mad love
A thousand times you took your stuff
A thousand times I fled
And every piece of furniture remembers
In this room without a cradle
The outburst of old tempers
Nothing resembled anything else anymore
You lost the taste of water
And I the taste of conquest

But my love
My sweet my tender my marvellous love
From bright dawn till the end of the day
I still love you, you know, I love you

Me, I know all your magic tricks
You know all my spells
You’ve guarded me from one trap to another
I lost you every now and then
Of course, you took on some lovers
One has to pass the time
The body just needs to cheer
In the end, in the end
We both needed quite a bit of talent
To be old without being adults

Oh my love
My sweet my tender my marvellous love
From bright dawn till the end of the day
I still love you, you know, I love you

And the longer the time courts us
And the longer the time tortures us
But isn’t the worst trap
Living in peace for lovers
Of course you cry a little less early
I tear myself away a little later
We protect less our mysteries
We don’t let fate take its course so often
We don’t trust the thread of water
But it’s always a tender war

Oh my love
My sweet my tender my marvellous love
From bright dawn till the end of the day
I still love you, you know, I love you

Just what I needed: more crap!

Great ! Just was on the phone with my mom, because I thought she would be at least one person who I could talk to about feeling so sick and weak all the time, and get some support of. Apparently NOT ! She did it before, but I thought it was more of a slip of the tongue, but since she said it again… Thank you mom !
Her words: ‘This being sick all the time, and being on the couch and needing to lie down every half hour, don’t you think that’s a little bizarre ? Everyone I talk to thinks it bizarre… Are you sure it’s not your imagination ? Do you actually even cook anymore ???’

NO mom, I DON’T cook anymore… I’m being hypochondric, I love to lie on the couch all the time, to let Bart do all the work for me, and yes, I’m feeling so great about that ! After all, he’s only working full time, why would I not want him to do the housekeeping too, and the shopping he loathes etc etc ? Nah, it’s not as if I love him, I just like to see him slave over everything.
Oh, and being on the couch ? Isn’t it just LOVELY to lie there and know every TV commercial by heart, to be bored out of my skull, to have tons of plans for this vacation that are still waiting for me to feel at least a bit ok ? Making plans about the baby’s room is after all SO MUCH BETTER than being able to carry them out.
And yes, I already lost 14 pounds just cos I thought that being pregnant would be the ideal moment for a diet.
OF COURSE I cancelled my first holiday in 7 years (in France) cos I enjoyed the attention of being ill. Oh yes, I don’t like to visit my friends, at least now I have a decent excuse to stay home.


Goddamn, it’s hot out here !!!! Today they ‘promised’ us 31┬░ Celsius, but the thermometer outside says 34┬░ (don’t know this in Fahrenheit, but 37┬░ C = 100┬░ F, so you get the idea). The rest of the week will be even worse: this heatwave will last at least till Monday with temperatures up till 37┬░ (indeed, that 100┬░) if we’re ‘lucky’. Thank god for airco !!!!

Was just hanging up laundry outside (dry in less than an hour) and I burnt the soles of my feet. Too hot to wear slippers…

Just watched the most intriguing documentary on National Geographic on the practise of bound feet in China. God, the pain and torment must have been intolerable, and such for centuries and centuries… The feet of grown women were all but 10 cm (3.9 inch) long.

Why are people prepared to suffer, and make their children suffer, all in the name of vanity and tradition ???

bound feet

To see more, just type ‘bound feet’ in Google pics…

The neighbour came by as I was talking outside to my parents who were leaving, and she told me that my cat Purrpurr, who has been missing for like three weeks, is dead…
She told me a lady accidentally drove over him, and that she waited, all shocked, beside him for the Animal Protection to show up. He must have been dead instantaneously, she says. Poor Purper…

I really really miss him: sleeping on my lap all day, gnawing my fingers, chasing my shoelaces, jumping on my lap in the morning when I went to the loo, waiting in the washing basin for me to come out of the shower…

I can’t even get a new kitten right now to pamper and make me forget, with the pregnancy and all…